Alcor Premium Engine Monitor Probe Packs

Whether you have a rock-solid Alcor analog gauge system or the latest digital engine monitor, don't settle for cheapy probes. Many engine monitors are available as kits with cheapy short-lived probes. McFarlane recommends when buying these monitors also purchasing a premium Alcor Probe Pack for maximum reliability and responsiveness. The premium Alcor probes can also be installed when the probes that came with your monitor start to fail. Small element diameter provides near instantaneous instrument response Grounded probes provide longer life, faster response time, and are backed by a five year warranty. Provides sufficient electrical power for Alcor unamplified instruments For use with digital and analog engine monitoring systems (system must be compatible with grounded probes), ungrounded probes available upon request. Kits include probes, P/N 28202 bayonet adapters (where applicable), and a convenient accessory kit containing the hardware for connecting probe ring terminals to lead wire ring terminals (screws, nuts, and lock washers) as well as zip ties, 6" fiberglass sleeves, and ring terminals to replace spade, pin, and other termination types on the lead wire.   Download the Rapco Brake Application Guide
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Premium Engine Monitor Probe Packs

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