McFarlane Aviation Piper Stabilator Cable Kits

McFarlane has complete stock of FAA-PMA stabilator cables for the Piper aircraft affected by AD 2013-02-13 (except PA-44) and Piper Service Bulletin 1245A. McFarlane flight controls cables offer quality that is second to none in the aircraft industry, and a set of four stabilator cables typically costs over $200 less than the equivalent Piper cables. Cables are available individually or as complete airplane kits at 15% savings. McFarlane also stocks all common turnbuckle barrels and clips. Convenient and money saving kits include all four stabilator cables (two forward and two aft), two MS21251-B5S turnbuckle barrels and ten MS21256-1 locking clips (spares always come in handy). FAA Airworthiness Directive 2013-02-13 Piper Stabilizer Cables Service Bulletin 1245A: Stabilator control system inspection (11/28/2012) How McFarlane Cables are Swaged and Why it Matters by Dan McFarlane Download the Rapco Brake Application Guide
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Piper Stabilator Cable Kits

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