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Repaired Fuel Selector Valves We can repair your valve or you can purchase one from our stock and return yours for core credit. Many valves are in stock and ready to ship! Repaired by experienced A&P mechanics Cleaned, inspected and assembled with all new seals, gaskets, hardware and parts as required Pressure tested for leaks and evaluated for proper fuel flow "Return to Service" tag provided Repair Kits Contains all required hardware to reseal and perform a basic repair (seals, springs, o-rings, roll pins, washers, screws, balls and plug). All parts are FAA approved or certified industry standard hardware. Many Cessna fuel valves require special tools and processes for reassembly. For convenience an experienced A&P technician at McFarlane can repair your valve. Seal Kits Only McFarlane has FAA approval to replace the old, less fuel resistant o-rings with the latest fuel-proof fluorocarbon o-rings! Fuel selector vables and shut-off valve seal kits are conveniently packaged to include all of the necessary o-rings and/or gaskets applicable to specific single engine Cessna aircraft models. McFarlane replaces the old Buna-N or Nitrile (MS series) o-rings and early synthetic rubber (NAS series) o-rings with fluorocarbon elastomer, which has improved fuel and heat resistance. Cork/rubber gaskets meet tough government standards for fuel resistance. Replacement Parts McFarlane has a complete line of replacement parts for Cessna fuel valves including detent plates, springs, plastic seals, cams and much more. Download the Rapco Brake Application Guide
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